How To Start A Web Hosting Service ?

The web hosting service is a business that allows other individuals or organizations website to be viewed on the internet. Whereas in a reseller hosting business, the individual or an organization resells the hosting services of parent hosting company to its own customers. Basically, reseller hosting means re-selling other company’s service.

If you are already a web developer or designer then you can easily start your web hosting business without taking many efforts.

With the package of unlimited reseller hosting, you can easily make unlimited web hosting accounts. In that, you can allocate hosting resources as per your choice.

Advantages of a Reseller Host:

1) Increase in client base: 

As a reseller host, you can track your clients’ database and find at what percent your service is growing. This way you understand your satisfied customers which help to strive you to perform in more better ways.

2) Resource provider:

Being a reseller you can decide what hard drive space and bandwidth you should provide to your customer’s and at what price. You are the decision maker of your style.

3) Parent company reputation:

You can go with the reputed web hosting provider to start your reseller hosting business. Because reputed companies won’t let you down in many ways resulting in your reseller hosting to work in a good way.

4) No raw materials:

As a reseller host you just need to sell the manufactured product hence your raw-material gathering process takes a back seat here. You can calculate how much time and money you can save by just omitting this process!

5) Technical support:

When you host your website you get an idea of your parent company’s tech support services and hence you make a decision to start a reseller hosting from them. Because you can understand the importance of tech support in your market. Your happy customers, therefore, will consider your reseller hosting as the best web hosting business. The chances of getting references are high, in such cases.

If you think that being a reseller host you can satisfy all the above points then why not start your own hosting business? Most of the hosting providers offer cheap reseller web hosting packages so that any newbie can enter into hosting business or industry.

Give it a thought!

Hope you must be convinced till now, so let’s see what things you should remember to make your business a success.

1) Competitor Analysis:

Before starting any business you need to study the market and do a proper competitor analysis. Find out what your competitors are providing, what are their Key Performance Indicators, why customers choose them, etc. This is because whichever business you choose you will face severe competition so instead of letting your moral down just go it with proper study.

2) Hosting packages:

Select and sell the hosting packages as per your preferences. Guide your clients about your hosting packages as if you are the parent company providing the services.

You can decide your own prices for hosting packages to be served to your clients. Here you need to set reasonable prices but make sure you can make a profit for them.

3) Create your Brand:

Reseller hosting gives you an opportunity to create your own brand. Without any restrictions, you can publish your brand name over the parent company’s name.

So choose an attractive business name and see it growing. Then soon register your domain name.

4) Focus on customer’s need:

Reseller hosting is the best web hosting business as here you don’t have to worry about the administrator work or the technical support to your customers. As your parent company takes care of these things. So you just have to concentrate on your customers’ wants and need to build a brand loyalty among them.

Make Profits!

The more the customers you get the more you earn. Customer satisfaction is your top most priority.

Try to make as much as accounts under your reseller account. Track the usage of disk space, bandwidth and resources by your customers and when you notice a growth in that you can grow up your business accordingly by buying more servers and scatter your client’s website to these servers. Grow your business by selecting different server locations such as India, UK, US depending on your customer’s location.


Reseller Hosting is a best practice before jumping into a large ocean of web hosting. As a web developer or designer, you can always consider becoming a reseller host as you don’t have to invest all your time doing only one business. It’s a low cost and immortal business that one can do and make your own brand notice in the world.

Got no datacenter or server still want to start web hosting business? What stops you? With reseller hosting, you can always start your dream business.

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